Penn & Teller's Smoke & Mirrors Official Promo Video Sega-CD

by JAMMAPARTS in Gadgets & Games

This is the official promo video for the never-released Sega-CD game Smoke & Mirrors starring Penn & Teller. This game was fully completed yet never released, which is unfortunate to say the least since it's an amazing game! Well designed, innovative use of the genesis controller with single-player and multi-player (sort of) games. Some of the mini-games are single-player (Smoke & Mirrors and the infamous Desert Bus) while the others (What's Your Sign, Mofo The Psychic Gorilla, Buzz Bombers & Sun Scorcher) involve you sneakily fooling and playing pranks on your friends (enemies?) through hidden button commands, hidden game menus, etc. Truly a shame it never came out, as I think it would have done very well at the time. (more)

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From: YouTube

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