How Hazzlie Creates a Very Quick Background ^^

by Hazzlie in Film & Animation

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0<br/>Software for screenfilming: Hypercam<br/>Ok, so this is a Very crap demo but alot of people keep asking how i make them so just watch xP Also, i didnt have time to add any text along the track or anything, but i assumed who ever might try this should be able to keep up because they should already know what im doing as i do it ... o.O So.. yeh.<br/>FFX-2 Render from Planet - Renders<br/>(YAY FOR THE REFERING TO MYSELF IN 3RD PERSON :D)

Tags: FFX2, Final, Fantasy, How, Hazzlie, Creates, a, Very, Quick, Background

From: YouTube

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