Kingdom Hearts

by SSJ3Dragonfist in Film & Animation

Kingdom Hearts I and II, just a boredom thing i made it was supposed to be a full video and i started with that intention, but i got really like ANXIOUS and rushed what i did here. I rendered it after 15 mins of editing, for that amount of time it's ok editing i guess, the song is just randomly cut i was in that much of a rush, seriously it's like a disease, i just HAVE to render it and then when im done i just HAVE to upload it. Basically, im spoiling what will be a full amv with this crappy little trailer of shit and turd. Enjoy my bitches.<br/><br/>Song: My Curse<br/>Artist: Killswitch Engage<br/>Editor: SSJ3dragonfist<br/>Status: In development

Tags: kingdom, hearts, is, like, chocolate, cake, it's, looks, nice, but, just, doesn't, cut, right., wtf, man, w, t, f..., 0___0

From: YouTube

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