The Sacred Rose - Chapter 4

by thesacredrose in Film & Animation

"The StarSeed has been planted!"...<br/>A Magical Heartfelt journey with many hints of what is to come...<br/>The Warrior guides us up the Spiral Staircase into the talking Groves of Camelot...<br/>Excalibur stands in preperation for the return of the Blue Star Oracle!<br/><br/>within chapter 4, 2006, we created these lntentions that build up to our latest release, chapter 5 "The Mythic Call"...<br/><br/>For more details visit<br/><br/><a href="" target="_blank" title="" rel="nofollow"></a><br/><br/>.

Tags: Starseed, mythic, sacred, rose, 2012, bluestar, revelations, mayan

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