Fiat (Original)

by gabymartinezmusic in Music

LYRICS<br/>~*verse one*~<br/>A young girl, just fourteen years old,<br/>Unaware that she'd been chosen <br/>From the moment of her birth,<br/>Was greeted by an angel of light. <br/>On her choice hinged the salvation of all men.<br/>With her "Yes," she'd be embracing a cross,<br/>Her heart would be pierced by many swords.<br/>Yet the blood of her heart would flow <br/>Into the Heart of the Savior,<br/>Who would pour it out <br/>To deliver a world without hope. So she prayed: <br/><br/>~*chorus*~<br/>Let it be done unto me. Holiest of Lords, <br/>You're all the strength that I need.<br/>I won't try to do it my way, <br/>Not my will but Yours be done.<br/>Every fiber in me cries, "FIAT!" <br/><br/>~*verse two*~ <br/>The Son of the Living God, bent in agony,<br/>Aware of His burden, <br/>The weight of the sin of all men. <br/>That same angel of light <br/>Was His silent reassurance, <br/>As He wrestled with His own humanity. <br/>With His "Yes," He'd be embracing a Cross,<br/>His heart, His hands and feet, <br/>His side would be pierced.<br/>Yet, He knew that only His own blood <br/>Could wash the stain of sin away.<br/>His pure sacrifice <br/>Would open the way to eternal life. So He prayed: (chorus) <br/><br/>~*bridge*~<br/>The Mother and the Son, <br/>United by their silent suffering:<br/>A pure unblemished Lamb, an Immaculate Heart.<br/>You both loved me so much <br/>That You'd make that same choice again and again.<br/>Help me now <br/>As I strive to walk this narrow road. My heart prays:<br/><br/>© 2007 Gaby Martinez

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