Megaman x8 last level run (difficulty Hard) part 1

by QuanH22 in Gadgets & Games

READ description!<br/>this is far from my best run.<br/>PART 2: <a href="" target="_blank" title="" rel="nofollow"></a><br/><br/>I realy sucked 6:56-7:06<br/><br/>I uesd gamecam DEMO for recording, so get<br/> ready for som classic NES and SNES MIDI action.<br/><br/>Music:<br/> megaman 2 willy stage 1 (mix)<br/>Battletods victory (snes)<br/>Double Dragon 3 map select<br/>Double Dragon 2 last boss fight<br/>Super Double Dragon mission 4 (snes)<br/>castlevania vampire killer<br/>chip and dale last level<br/>Battletoads Bonus round (Snes)

Tags: Megaman, mega, man, x8, zero, axl, alias, boss, sigma, hard, run, classic, nes, snes, 8bit

From: YouTube

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