Super Mario Bros. All Stars

by bananabis420 in Entertainment

This was a short computer game I created using the Game Maker software program by Mark Overmars. A big thanks to "Mike" for helping me out with my earlier Mario games, which were a big stepping stone for me which this game!<br/><br/>I took sprite sheets and created my own sprites, and did all of the programming. It's a short run thru of my progress in a replica first level of the game. I added my own title screen (flying koopa at start!), but otherwise its a pretty close sim, aside from sprite/bug errors. The sprites are wrong, some of the blocks don't work correctly, and enemy control is slighty off, but otherwise its playable. I began this project in late July 2005 and gave up about a week later, having completed almost the first full world of SMBLL when I began working and put my game programming projects aside. I really haven't touched my C++ docs or GM files; hoping to get back into it soon and make some new stuff! <br/><br/>Unfortunately all my saved files were lost; recently purged my hard drive...but I managed to find this one. My video recorder software distorts the graphics a bit. Sorry about no audio, it was just midi's anyway. <br/><br/>Anyways, enjoi!

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