Endeavour Space Shuttle Launch - August 8th, 2007

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From nasa.gov's website:<br/>NASA's Administrator and top launch managers celebrated the flawless liftoff of Space Shuttle Endeavour Wednesday evening as the fulfillment of a legacy.<br/><br/>"A launch operation doesn't get any better than this, it can't," Administrator Mike Griffin said following the launch.<br/><br/>The flight placed seven astronauts, a space station segment and 5,800 pounds of cargo and supplies into orbit and on the way to the International Space Station. The 11-day mission calls for attachment of the space station segment, transfer of the cargo and supplies and a test of a new power transfer system. If the system works, the mission would be extended to 14 days.<br/><br/>Teacher-turned-astronaut Barbara Morgan will also conduct several educational programs during the flight.

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