Ron Paul gets pistol-whipped in the Texas Straw Poll

by TheTruthIsHere08 in News & Politics

NOTE: Since I'm getting a lot of pathetic whining from the Ron Paul sheeple about my disabled ratings, I thought I'd explain myself in the description of the video instead of repeating myself over and over again:<br/><br/>First of all, the fact that you Ron Paul sheeple have made countless false accusations about me and my motivations proves to me that all of your accusations and imagined persecution aimed at the government are HORSESHIT. Your movement is nothing more than a lunatic, fringe Religion fueled by the FAITH in imagined persecutions created by master Lunatic Priests of the faith like Alex Jones and even Keith Olbermann (Bill O'reilly wannabe who's horny for ratings).<br/><br/>Second, the fact that I have disabled ratings has nothing to do with me being "terrified." Lol! Why would I give a f**k what my ratings are or what you Ron Paul nutzoids think? I disabled it for 2 reasons: 1) To get a rise out of you Ron Paul sheeple who feel the need to spam 1 star ratings for all anti-Ron Paul videos 2) To make a point that ratings don't mean a hill of beans when it comes to politics. People are going to vote on their EMOTIONS rather than an honest critique.<br/><br/>Not only did Ron Paul have the advantage of Texas being his HOME state, but he and Duncan were the ONLY Republican candidates running to attend. He should have placed first if he stands a chance. A Third place showing is piss poor, as far as I'm concerned. The fat lady is singing, folks.<br/><br/>Texas Straw Poll results:<br/><br/>Duncan Hunter - 41%<br/>Fred Thompson (who's not even running yet) - 20%<br/>Ron Paul - 17%

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