Legacy of Fallujah - Iraq

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Feb 2005<br/>To bring peace and stability to Iraq, the new government must win over the Sunnis. But acts like the assault on Fallujah have left the Sunnis feeling victimised and isolated. <br/><br/>An amateur video, recently smuggled out of Iraq, shows some of the only pictures of the siege of Fallujah taken from the townspeople's point of view. As bodies are placed in their graves, the men erupt in anger and grief. "This is a crusader war against Islam to break Iraq and Fallujah," despairs one man. Since the creation of Iraq eighty years ago, the Sunni minority have dominated government. Fallujah was their heartland. But now they feel alienated by Iraq's new, supposedly democratic, politics. For Sunnis like Salam, the occupation is to blame for everything: "There's no electricity, no fuel, no water..." They are deeply suspicious of the Shi'ites and boycotted the elections. And Allawi's decision to support the assault on Fallujah did little to quell their fears. "We don't have anything to do with any of those people," vows one woman. But although the Sunnis boycotted the elections, representatives are negotiating a role for them in drafting Iraq's new constitution. The hope is that negotiations will work before the country slips into civil war.

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