Karen and Daniel's dance off

by ieatglue1 in Comedy

daniel and karen dance off<br/>throw some d's - rich boy<br/>walk it out - dj unk<br/>2 step - unk<br/>vans - the pack<br/>zoom - lil boosie<br/>this is why i'm hot - mims<br/>the way i live - baby boy da prince<br/>smack that - akon<br/>lean wit it rock wit it - dem franchize boyz<br/>buy u a drank - t-pain<br/>ice ice baby - vanilla ice

Tags: daniel, karen, mims, dj, unk, vans, zoom, t-pain, throw, some, d's, smack, that, 2step, lean, rock, it

From: YouTube
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf8ADgVSvfg

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